Principal's Message



Welcome to Paul Robeson Charter School!


Dear Students, Parents, Staff, and Community Members,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the official website of Paul Robeson Charter School (PRCS). As the principal, I am honored to serve this incredible learning community, and I am excited to share our mission, vision, and commitment to excellence with you.

At Paul Robeson it is our mission to provide a personalized education that challenges, in

spires and prepares all scholars.  We aspire to get to know you individually, and support you.  We believe in order to grow, you must be challenged, and learn from and take advantage of mistakes.  We want you to be your best self each and every day.  There is no one way to spend your time at Paul Robeson. Whether you are a third or fourth grader trying to learn how to log on to Google Classroom for the first time, you will quickly find that you can aspire to be anything you wish, and that the school is here to support you.

Sometimes you will walk with the crowd, and sometimes you will push against it. You may choose to take the long route or a more direct one. You will have many choices to make while at PRCS – and you should know that while there is no one correct choice, not all paths lead to high levels of achievement. Keep your goals and aspirations in mind when making all of your choices.

If you excel in sports, join the soccer team. If you struggle with math, stay for tutoring. Write, subtract, sing, volunteer, paint, read, help, create, challenge, inspire and achieve! Improve at something you struggle with and try something you never thought you could do. Be yourself, but also grow into who you want to be.  Get out that backpack, sharpen your pencils, and get ready for a great school year!



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