Technology Help Desk

Welcome to the Paul Robeson Technology Help Desk!
We are excited to provide you with resources and information about the technology we offer at the school. Paul Robeson Charter School Technology is supported by the school’s vision, mission and values through providing working technology and accounts to all our students, families and staff. 
Our Technology Department consist of Ms. Bianca Sims, whose oversee the all technology at the school and a contracted technology team. She has a strong background in technology and have been working with public charters for over 5 years. Ms. Sims is excited to help all students, families and staff members. Her contact number is (609) 437-7182 and email is [email protected]
This page will give you access to our Technology Services Ticketing System as well as some FAQs that may help you address issues before putting in a service ticket. This system is new and the plan for this system is to provide more reliable help to our students and families that may be experiencing technological difficulties and need support.
¡Bienvenido a la mesa de ayuda de Paul Robeson Technology!
Nos complace poder brindarle recursos e información sobre la tecnología que ofrecemos en la escuela. La tecnología de la escuela autónoma Paul Robeson está respaldada por la visión, la misión y los valores de la escuela a través del suministro de tecnología de trabajo y cuentas a todos nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal.
Nuestro Departamento de Tecnología consiste en la Sra. Bianca Sims, quien supervisa toda la tecnología en la escuela y un equipo de tecnología contactado. Tiene una sólida experiencia en tecnología y ha estado trabajando con escuelas públicas durante más de 5 años. Su número de contacto es (609) 437-7182 y su correo electrónico es [email protected].
Esta página le dará acceso a nuestro sistema de emisión de tickets de servicios tecnológicos, así como a algunas preguntas frecuentes que pueden ayudarlo a abordar los problemas antes de presentar un ticket de servicio. Este sistema es nuevo y el plan para este sistema es brindar ayuda más confiable a nuestros estudiantes y familias que pueden estar experimentando dificultades tecnológicas y necesitan apoyo.
If you are experiencing any difficulty with your Chromebooks, PowerSchool or any other technology services offer here at PRCS, please fill out the form entirely and Bianca Sims will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. If this is an emergency, please reach out to Ms. Sims at 609-437-7182.
Si tiene alguna dificultad con sus Chromebooks, PowerSchool o cualquier otra oferta de servicios tecnológicos aquí en PRCS, complete este formulario en su totalidad y Bianca Sims se comunicará con usted dentro de las 48 horas. Si es una emergencia, comuníquese con la Sra. Sims al 609-437-7182.
During office hours, families and students are welcome to walk in with any technology issues they may be facing. Please note that Mondays and Wednesdays between 9:00AM-12:00PM are the only times, we will be accepting walk-ins. 
Durante las horas de oficina, las familias y los estudiantes pueden venir con cualquier problema tecnológico que puedan estar enfrentando. Tenga en cuenta que los lunes y miércoles de 9:00 a.m. a las 12:00 p. M. Estas son las únicas horas en las que aceptaremos visitas sin cita previa.
QUESTION: What is an emergency technology issue?
ANSWER: Any issue that prevents your child from attending regular scheduled classes. 
*Please note that you can fill out a Technology Ticket Here, however you may call Ms. Sims at (609) 437-7182. 
QUESTION: I'm a student, am I allowed to fill out a Technology Ticket?
ANSWER: Yes, you are allowed to  fill out a Technology Ticket Here.
QUESTION: I need help accessing PowerSchool, what should I do?
ANSWER: Please fill out a Technology Ticket Here. Ms. Sims will reply within 24 hours after you filled out a Technology Ticket. 
QUESTION: My Wi-Fi is down, what should I do?
ANSWER: Call Ms. Sims at (609) 437-7182 immediately.
QUESTION: My child cannot access Google Classroom or Zoom?
ANSWER: Make sure your child is login to the Chromebook, Click Here for instruction on how to do that.
QUESTION: When I come in for a Chromebook replacement, what should I do with the old Chromebook?
ANSWER: Bring the old Chromebook with you and return it to Ms. Sims or the Main Office.