High School Placement

Trenton Catholic Academy

Although the school year has just begun, it is time to start thinking about high school. 

Taking the entrance exam is the first step towards becoming an Iron Mike. TCA's Upper School will be having their scholarship/placement test on Saturday, November 7th. 


The health and safety of all is their priority; students will be asked to complete both a health screening and temperature check before entering the building. Masks and social distancing are required.  

Test takers should be here by 8:30 and will be ready for pick up by 12:30


All 8th grade students are required to take the test. It is not a pass/fail test, but it does help us with class placements for grade 9 and allows every test taker an opportunity for a scholarship. 


The fees have been waived for the test this year. 


Test Registration Form (see below): Please fill out the application for the test and return the completed form to TSA by October 30 to register.  They do expect an increase in the number of applications due to the success of their ROL program; so please get the registration form in to TSA as soon as possible as seating is limited due to the social distancing requirements of the pandemic. 


Should you not be able to print the form, please email Ms. Spotwood <[email protected]>  with the student's name, birthday and parent's contact information to register.