Character Education

PRCS Character Education Mission Statement
Paul Robeson Charter School is dedicated to providing a foundation for social and emotional growth in order to develop students of exemplary character who become responsible, productive, and caring citizens.
What is Character Education?
Character education is an educational movement that supports the social, emotional and ethical development of students. It is the proactive effort to instill in students important core, ethical and performance traits. Character education provides long-term solutions to moral, ethical, and academic issues that are of growing concern in our society and our schools. Character education teaches students how to be their best selves and how to do their best work.

What is the Purpose for a Character Education Program?
In partnership with our homes and communities, Paul Robeson Charter School, has a critical role to play in helping our scholars develop into responsible citizens. Character education prepares our scholars to address life’s moral and ethical problems. Students develop character through interaction with family, peers, teachers and community members. A person of character is a good person, someone to look up to and admire, knows the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do what is right. It is our goal that by infusing these character values into our school day, these qualities will manifest themselves in the daily lives of our students, teachers, parents and community.